Minotaur is a program for clear evidence of geological exploration boreholes. Graphic documentation of the borehole is interactively displayed during data entry. A single click allows you to prepare transparent substrates for processing geological sections.

  • Evidence:
    • Engeneering boreholes
    • Mineral boreholes
    • Hydrogeological boreholes
  • Complete documentation of an exploration borehole
  • Geological section through the selected boreholes with selection of shown columns for every borehole type
  • Export:
    • Borehole - MS Excel, XML
    • Geological section - SVG (for example, you can edit it in Corel Draw)
  • Possibility to import data from another applications

Download a demo version of Minotaur and try it.
Demo version is not able to save data and "www.treca.cz" is shown on the printed outputs.

Price for the full version: 20 000 Kč without VAT (24 200 Kč with VAT)

The application is offered in cooperation with GP Karlovy Vary (VAT payer)