Cetus - system for goods suppliers

Simplify and save time on the filling and processing of client orders. The Cetus system allows you to manage customers, prices, orders, bills of delivery and invoices easily and efficiently. For example:

  • The supplier can enter orders directly in the system if customers choose to order by phone, eliminating the need for separate paper copies for fabrication and bills of delivery
  • Customers can create a list of their stores and organize orders accordingly
  • Supplier can fill in order instead of customerFor example, customer is ordering by phone. In this case, supplier saves his time by directly writing this order to the system. In usuall process, he would write it down to the paper, make a copy for the fabrication and another copy for bill of delivery.
  • The supplier can see an overview of customers, prices and orders
  • Invoices can be printed or emailed directly from Cetus to the customer
  • Try Cetus for free at http://cetus.treca.cz