Kinaki is a platform that provides unique project monitoring and evaluation tools for development, humanitarian and social organizations.


Software architect/.NET Developer

Part of the system

Whole system


ASP .NET 4.5, MS SQL Server, jQuery


We are proud having Tomas Trecek in our team. Tomas works for us as independent database system developer on the Kinaki online project. He participated in the system architecture design and independetly developed the entire environment. He quickly realised that our technical capacity may be limiting the quality of the final system and therefore he also significantly helped us with the design of additional functionality of Kinaki. I am very confident recommending Tomas for any independent as well as team work in the software development and even to organizations with limited IT capacity. Tomas is a quick thinker and he can produce great quality results, amazingly fast. He also found solutions to all issues we were facing during the Kinaki development process. We still work with Tomáš and he is currently building offline solution to the Kinaki online system and we will keep working with him in the future.

Jakub Nemec, Manager for Domestic and Overseas Activities, Salanga